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Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs (sample LTE's and opinions)

To Those It May Concern,

Regarding The CPA press conference, (September 4, 2002).

Talk about a knee jerk reaction!

It's hard to believe that the Canadian Police Association (CPA) even took time to read this nearly 700 page study of public policy.

What was apparent from viewing the CPA press conference is that bureaucrats willing to play at being both politician and scientist, end up appearing as the strawman.

Not only did David Griffin regurgitate just about every patently absurd misconception, his "a back-to-school gift for drug pushers" diatribe demonstrated to the nation the essence of the illogic inherent within prohibition; in the process, Griffin amply demonstrates the lengths the CPA will go to in order to undermine this Senate Report so as to preserve cannabis prohibition.

The correlation between organized crime and the production and distribution of cannabis is a product of prohibition that would crumble if government regulated and oversaw distribution. That could only happen if cannabis were legalized.

Prohibition does not work, it never has and never will. The Senate Committee's Report recognizes what a substancial percentage of Canadians from a vast cross-section of the population know.

It is time for politicians to demonstrate accountability for the flawed and problematic cannabis legislation currently being foisted upon Canadians.

This would be best addressed by following through on the Senate Committee's Recommendations.

Wayne Phillips





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