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There are over 3 million marijuana smokers in Canada. Let's see what a large unified effort can do! As a coordinated team we have considerable influence.

This "Joint Effort" idea requires the building of a list of email addresses of Canadians who are willing to join with others nationally, or locally, to make unified efforts on specific days. Joining with others can be very encouraging and empowering. As an organized group we have more strength and our efforts are more apt to get attention and be taken seriously.

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Possible Joint Efforts:

Imagine 2 million Canadians writing a letter to the editor of their local newspaper
regarding the release of the Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs report. It's time to push for political action!

Need some help getting started? View some sample Letters-to-Editors.

Imagine 2 million Canadians sending a letter to their federal MP!

Imagine 2 million Canadians sending a letter to the Prime Minister!

Imagine 2 million Canadians distributing pro-pot flyers in their neighborhood!

Imagine 2 million Canadians demonstrating outside their city halls!

Imagine 2 million Canadians celebrating July 1st as "Cannabis Day"!

Imagine 2 million Canadians... [ add your idea here ]

Simply put, we need to show our numbers. The voices of the cannabis community are largely going unheard. The legal status of marijuana keeps the vast majority of marijuana smokers from voicing any opposition to current policy. But there are things we can do! We just have to be a little creative in coming up with an idea that large numbers of cannabis smokers would be able and willing to do. Let's not wait for the small number of high profile activists to free us from marijuana prohibition. Widespread effort will get us there a lot faster. A large number of people, each making only a small effort, will add up to a tremendous outcome.

Got an idea for an effective "joint effort"? Add it to the list!

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