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Know about a Marijuana Law Reform Organization in your province?

Please let me know!

I want to provide a resource on this site to help interested people get in contact with a reform org in their area.


SAFER campaign

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Activist: Jake Lowen

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Activist: Mike Hudema


 Ways to Help

Activism pages:
Low Risk Activism
Joint Efforts
Letter Writing (LTE's)
"If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organizations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from last time and doing it better the next time."
- Noam Chomsky, "What Uncle Sam Really Wants", p. 98

Send LEAP to OttawaThis is a critical time in the history of Canada’s drug policy!

Your donations will send Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) speaker Tony Smith to Ottawa to educate our political representatives about the need to end the counter-productive and expensive policy of drug prohibition.

Our goal is to receive $2,000 in donations by April 16, 2010.

Please make a donation to help "Send LEAP to Ottawa"

After the War on Drugs: Tools for the debate is a 76 page guide to making the case for drug policy reform. It is designed to:

* Reframe the debate, moving it beyond stale ideological arguments
into substantive, rational engagement
* Provide the language and analysis to challenge the
prohibitionist status quo, and to make the case for evidenced based

More Publications from Transform (U.K.)
Create your own person-on-the-street
interview video!

This is a great way to better understand public perceptions about cannabis and cannabis laws. The better we understand the misconceptions we're up against, the better we'll be able to correct them. This is also a good way for a more mainstream audience to see that a lot of other people support cannabis law reform.

Here are some suggestions for questions:


1. Do you agree or disagree that marijuana leads to hard drugs? Why?

2. Do you think marijuana is more harmful than alcohol? __ than tobacco?

3. What is the current legal status of marijuana in Canada?

4. Do you think the current policy toward cannabis is working?

5. What (if you know) are your parent's views on cannabis policy?

6. Canada spends about $1.5 billion enforcing cannabis laws. Do you
think this money is being well spent?

7. Do you know the difference between "decriminalation" and "legalization"? If so, please explain.

8. On a scale of 1-to-10 how concerned are you with grow-ops?

9. On a scale of 1-to-10 how important is reforming cannabis laws to you?

10. Do you have any suggetions on how the cannabis law reform movement can make better progress on this issue?

Video: NORML On The Street Interviews Watch > YouTube link
(Port Townsend, WA)
Jake Lowen: Battle Stories
R.I.P.A. - 4 easy steps to campaign strategy

R = research, I = isolate, P = polarize, A = attack

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Cannabis Law Reform Help-Wanted Ads

Wanted: Saskatchewan Marijuana Party members

: Saskatchewan, Canada

Details: As the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party grows, so do our requirements for manpower. We need everything from burger flippers to committee members to help us get our work done.

Are you in Saskatchewan and do you want to help the SKMP? Buy a membership today for only $10 and become a part of the team!

Contact Information   Email:
Web Site:
Phone: (306) 260-2952

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Do you need help with your cannabis law reform activism?
Post a Help Wanted ad
A worldwide network dedicated to drug policy reform. We inform public opinion and promote balanced media coverage.

Media Activism Center

Marijuana laws effectively suppress the questioning of the laws themselves. Few people willing to draw attention to themselves by speaking out against marijuana prohibition. As a result the cannabis community is severely underrepresented in the marijuana law reform movement.

"For far, far too long marijuana smokers and marijuana law reformers have remained politically invisible to their elected officials." - NORML

So far only a small number of individuals have publicly represented the cannabis community. Despite such small representation, progress has been made. But the progress is very slow.

Few people are willing to accept the risks that accompany high profile activism, but that's not the only type of activism there is. There are many ways to help advance the movement, many involving little or no risk to a person's anonymity.

What if…
What if each of us only had to make one small effort in order get marijuana legalized in Canada? Wouldn't you be willing to make the effort for that kind of payoff?

There are an estimated 3 million marijuana smokers in Canada. Imagine the impact we would have if every one of us made a small effort on the same day. Imagine the sense of gratification you'd feel knowing you played a part in getting marijuana legalized in Canada.

If you've ever considered the idea of doing something to help advance the marijuana law reform movement in Canada, now would be a great time to take action. One of the easier ways to make a difference is to educate your own family and friends on the issues. Look through the Low Risk Activism suggestions for more ideas. Hopefully you'll find one that will inspire you to take action. Try making one small effort and see how it feels.

Please recommend this site to anyone you know who might care enough about this issue to make ome effort. Our momentum will accelerate quickly as more people get involved.


Low Risk Activism
| Joint Efforts | Letter Writing (LTE's)

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Activism pages
Low Risk Activism
Joint Efforts
Letter Writing (LTE's)
Writing Press Releases

Inspiring LTE:
Cannabis use widespread
(Cannabis user 'outs' himself.)

Low Risk Activism
Hesitant to become active? There are many low risk ways to help.

Joint Efforts
There are over 3 million marijuana smokers in Canada. Let's see what a "joint effort" can do!

LTE Tips
Writing letters to editors can be a very effective way of educating large numbers of people. Look through the LTE section for tips on getting published, and look through a collection of sample letters.

Info Resources
An educated activist is the most effective activist. Knowledge of facts and statistics is a sword that will cut through misinformed claims.


MPP: Take Action
15 ways you can make a difference