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Politicians fear being branded as "soft-on-crime" by their opponents. This political tactic will only have power until enough of the public becomes more educated on the topic and can see through the rhetoric. Download, print, distribute, inform!

Top Ten Facts All Canadians Need To Know About Cannabis Harms of Cannabis Prohibition, Benefits of Legalizing How does Cannabis compare to other substances?

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A good general purpose document. Chart comparing cannabis with other substances and related quotes from the Senate report.
How many more studies are needed? Quotes from the 2002 Canadian Senate report 10 Cannabis Activism Suggestions
A listing of 12 important reports on cannabis. Categorized quotes from the report by the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs. A list of ten ways to help the cause of cannabis law reform.
Zaccardelli "too quick to link pot to murders" Origins of Cannabis available in the U.S  
Commissioner Zaccardelli backed away from his own statements that portrayed the Alberta RCMP shootings as the result of "grow-op violence". Anne McLellan made no such clarification of her initial comments.

Exposing the myth that Canada is a "major supplier" of cannabis to the U.S.

(Canada supplies 2%,
Mexico supplies 46%)


The John Howard Society of Canada

Canadian Cannabis Policy Factsheet

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