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Info Resources
  Canadian Statistics - a variety of cannabis related facts and stats. one stop shopping. Updated!
  Prohibitionist Claims - suggested responses to common lies and misinformation about marijuana.
  Global Marijuana Law Reform Scorecard - see what progress is being made in other countries.
  Video and Audio Clips - my top video and audio clips picks (mostly from Pot-TV and DrugRadio)
  Downloadable Flyers - Cannabis information handouts. Download, print, distribute, inform!
  Links - links to other cannabis related web sites.
[*includes an alphabetized master link list]
Activism 101
  Low Risk Activism - high profile activism isn't the only way to help the reform movement.
  Joint Efforts - acting as a unified group is powerful.
  Letter Writing (LTE's) - tips on writing letters to editors and other LTE resources.
Top News
  A chronological list of the key Canadian cannabis related news stories. get the big picture.
[* not longer updated, but links to top cannabis news sites are provided]
Who's Who
  Canadian Prohibitionists ("Hall of Shame")
  Celebrity Tokers - famous cannabis consumers.
  Important Canadian cannabis related dates (festivals, rallies, TV programs, etc.) Updated!
Opinion (Guestbook)

Submit your thoughts on current drug policy, give an account of a personal experience, or offer encouragement to others in the cannabis community.


Wearable activism. Educate the public by wearing a shirt with an impacting MJ law reform message on it. I now have 2 shirt designs to choose from.
[*Sorry, I have a very limited selection of sizes available at this time.]

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